Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pulau Umang (Umang Island )

Pulau Umang – Banten-Indonesia.

Pulau Umang located in Banten-Java Island

I went there with my family..Stefan (my Husband), Gerdi and Jupp (my mother and father in Law)
Pulau Umang is a beautiful island but the problem is... it is so far from Jakarta and took us 5-6 hours driving to arrive there…. feeling tired to get there…but when you have arrived... you can see a beautiful island…

The beach of Umang is rocky so if you want to swim it is a little bit dangerous and you can not snorkeling there. You must go to Pulau Oar ( close with Pulau Umang) for snorkeling.

Here is a beautiful picture of Pulau Umang. Jupp took this picture… it is really beautiful picture and you can get a view about Umang from this picture

it is a really beautiful island, white sandy beach, clear water and wood cottage

Snorkling, Banana Boat, Jetski, Jukung (kayaking), Go Around the Island using Speedboat, go to Pulau Oar and swim there

Are you ready for Snorkling???

Dinner at Pulau Umang

Rocky Side of Pulau Umang

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